Here are some of the projects I have worked on that are publically accessible. Please note this list is not comprehensive, as it does not include any private repositories.


VR Teleop Controller

A ROS-based utility to enable the control & manipulation of two-armed 7-DOF robot using virtual reality devices.

Co-developed with Daniel Chen for the University of Michigan ARM Lab, with continued development from Brad Saund.

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Image Inpainting using GANs

Filling in missing portions of images using a class of deep neural network.

Co-developed with Adam Austerberry during EECS 442.

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Legend of Zelda Remake

A recreation of the original Legend of Zelda videogame for the NES.

Co-developed with Daniel Heidorn during EECS 494.

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Brew and sell ales, upgrade your equipment, and sell more ales!

Developed a 3D top-down brewing-themed game in Unity and Blender with JIRA over the course of two weeks.

Developed during EECS 494.

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Meah Counseling

Website for local licensed therapist using WordPress with custom theme, enabling easy maintenance.

Tested accessibility of colors and page navigation and assessed usability across device sizes.

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My Portfolio

My professional portfolio showcasing projects I have worked on. I started my portfolio using plain HTML and CSS, but I have since moved to using React and Next.js. This better follows DRY principles and allows me to use React components to create a more dynamic portfolio.

This project is continuously integrated, meaning that changes to the main branch are automatically validated and deployed.

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